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SMART goals for Ramadan

Alhamdullah, social media is all a buzz about setting goals for Ramadan. This year, like many others, I want to increase the amount of Quran I read, insha’Allah completing it at least once before the end of Ramadan.  

Setting effective goals isn’t just making a declaration statement but setting a realistic plan to achieve your desired goal.  

One easy way to do this is to begin with a SMART goal.  SMART goals allow you to set the framework to achieve your goals. 

Specific - I want to read more Quran this Ramadan.  That’s great, but get more specific. How about I want to read every day? Take it up a notch and set a time and place.  For example, I want to read Quran every day after fajr while still sitting on my sajadah.

Measurable - Rather than just saying I want to read Quran every day, try I want to read Quran for 10 minutes/3 pages/10 ayahs every day. Select an amount that can me measured.

 Achievable - Can I do this? Make sure your goal is realistic for your reality. 

Relevant - Do the goals you set match what you feel is important in your life? If understanding is more valuable to you than reading, you may need to adjust your goal to reflect that priority.

Time bound - By when do you want to accomplish this goal? Before the last ten nights, the night before Eid. Give yourself a deadline to work toward.

Remember be SMART this Ramadan.  

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