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Turn Khutbah reflections into mindful actions for your week ahead with our Five Minute Jummah Journal. 

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Spiritual Joys for Every Day

At Intentionally by Design, we offer a unique blend of Islamic-inspired planning and journaling tools for those seeking to deepen their spiritual connection and enrich their daily lives. Our range includes the Five Minute Jummah Journal and Islamically-inspired planner stickers, designed to infuse your daily routines with mindfulness, reflection, and faith. Whether you're a dedicated Muslim seeking to deepen your spiritual connection or someone yearning for greater mindfulness in your daily life, our products are designed with you in mind.  

Empowering Your Everyday

Do you struggle to stay connected to your faith amidst life's chaos? Do you long for reminders of your Islamic values to uplift you throughout the day? With our range of journalling tools, you can start every Friday feeling empowered to transform your week from overwhelm and disconnect to purpose and action.

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Making Every Jummah Count

Do you eagerly await Friday prayers every week, ready to learn and feel inspired? Only to find the lessons you gather from the Khutbah seem to slip through your fingers like grains of sand, lost amidst the noise and distractions of daily life. Our Five Minute Jummah Journal offers a structured way to capture the essence of each Khutbah, reflect on its teachings, and apply them to your daily life with ease. Every week features a Quranic ayat or hadith to deepen your connection, ensuring that each khutbah leaves a lasting impact on your heart.

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Daily Doses of Faith

Add a touch of joy and inspiration to your journaling experience with our faith-inspired journal and planner stickers. Imagine transforming your planner or journal into a sanctuary of faith, adorned with beautiful Islamic stickers that resonate with your soul. From Bismillah to Alhamdulilah, make every page shine with gentle reminders of your faith, guiding you through each day with purpose and reflection. Ready to infuse your life with joy and meaning? 

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"The Five Minute Jummah Journal is a thoughtfully curated, spiritually uplifting journal. By notating the spiritual gems, duas, lessons and Hadith from Jummah prayers, we are able to preserve and revisit these poignant reminders so that they remain embedded in our hearts and souls."


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