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Five Minute Jummah Journal for Young Muslims

Five Minute Jummah Journal for Young Muslims

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Curious how to make Jummah an unforgettable experience for your child?

Are you tired of leaving Jummah prayers feeling inspired but struggling to maintain that connection throughout the week?

Do you yearn to carry the wisdom of each Khutbah into your daily life without it feeling like an uphill battle? 

Experience growth, reflection, and inspiration throughout week with our 5 Minute Jummah Journal and reconnect with the blessings of Friday Khutbahs.

•    Recall with Clarity: Easily jot down the key points of the khutbah, making sure you never miss a moment of learning and wisdom.
•    Reflect and Grow: Gain insight from every Khutbah to deepen personal reflections and connect teachings with your daily life.
•    Set Meaningful Goals: Use the journal to set goals inspired by the khutbah, guiding you towards personal and spiritual growth with intention and purpose.
•    Craft Personal Duas: Let the khutbah inspire your dua crafting! Make every dua more personal and heartfelt as you connect with Allah in a more meaningful way.
•    Draw Inspiration from Quran and Hadith: Each week features a Quranic Ayah or hadith, offering you daily inspiration and guidance every week.

Perfectly sized for carrying with you wherever you go, this journal will become your cherished companion, transforming your Fridays into a source of spiritual renewal and growth.

5x7 inches
119 pages  
Matte paper cover with cream interior

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