Our Story

I've probably attended over 2000 khuttbah's in my lifetime, yet if you asked me, I'd likely struggle to recall what most of those khuttbahs were about.

I started thinking more about this as I would ask my kids about their thoughts on the khuttbah at dinner. Most of the time, the answer was 'it was good'. When pressed for more details, they would respond with 'umm, I don't remember, but it was good.'

This made me think about the intent of a khuttbah. It's not just about being inspired, but also applying that knowledge to better ourselves. However, how can we effectively apply that knowledge to our lives if we can't remember what was said or the key points made?

Having taught hundreds of students various note-taking methods, I know the value of connecting those notes to our personal lives to solidify our learning. Why not apply the same technique to Jummah?

And so I created the Five Minute Jummah Journal to help you connect the central themes of the khuttbah to your everyday life. The journal prompts are designed to assist you in setting goals that align with the khuttbah and are personally relevant. Additionally, you will be able to create your own dua, inspired by the most meaningful aspects of the khuttbah.

My hope is that through this process, you are able to elevate your Jummah khuttbah experience to reach higher levels of understanding and commitment to Allah.