Empower your kids to have a meaningful summer.

With summer just around the corner, you maybe feeling little anxious about how to make the most of the time you and your children will have together.  They may be feeling anxious about what’s going to be happening as well.  

Give your kids an overview of the summer month and highlight any big time commitments.  Are you traveling? Will you be hosting guests? Signed up for summer camps or do they have a summer job? Are there projects around your home that you need their help with? Will they family be going to Jummah together every week? Make sure to write all these dates into your and your child’s planner. 

Let them tell you about any summer goals they have. Maybe there is a book they had wanted to read all year but school responsibilities got in the way, or they want to meet with their friends for a special activity. Maybe they have a passion project that they want to focus on. Help them identify some spiritual goals that they can focus on during their down time. Maybe learning a few new duas, revising a surah or learning a new one. Jot these down as well in a special journal or a blank page in their planner. 

Looking at the open spaces in your summer, help your child identify days and times to dedicate to their projects and goals. There is no need to fill in every open space. The objective to give them an opportunity to do the extra things that give them pleasure and peace of mind while they have a break from the demands of school and extra curricular activities. 

Give them the opportunity to get creative with their planners and make it their own. Get creative with gel pens, washi tape and stickers. You can find islamically inspired planner and journaling stickers at intentionallybydesign.com.


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